Coach Lab

Coach Lab

Every coaching session presents the coach with a unique experience and opportunity for growth and self-reflection. Coach Lab is a weekly opportunity for professional coaches and those using coaching skill to navigate the challenges of coaching with coaching peers in a safe, confidential, judgment-free space to explore possibilities that create personal and professional growth. Coach Lab incorporates and explores the ICF Core Competencies and the unique challenges each coach faces.

Join Master Certified Coach Zach Prosser along with other coaches on a weekly journey to enhance your coaching skill and practice. Coach Lab members are not required to attend weekly; however, are invited to participate every week. Attend as you can. Share and gain insights as you desire. This space is for the purpose of peer supervision.

Common Topics in Coach Lab:

  • Development of particular coaching skills
  • How to address client-related matters
  • How to stay unbiased
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Building client awareness 
  • Business development
  • Coaching ethics and competencies
  • Others

Continue Coach Education Units are offered for completed Coach Labs (1 CCEU per lab)