Online Master Class

Accelerate your coaching skill with InVision Leadership's regular Master Class opportunities. In this virtual Master Class, Jim Smith will share insights and tools for using and understanding Somatics (body) in coaching.

Not sure if you're able to make it? We encourage you to register anyway and you will receive access to the recording from the master class.

About Jim Smith

Jim Smith, PCC, is The Executive Happiness Coach®. He is a global executive and life coach, Certified Team Coach, board-certified Health & Wellness Coach, mentor coach, international speaker, author, and sometime troublemaker.  


Jim has coached leaders in 40 countries and six continents to create more powerful presence, improve life balance, and build more positive workplace cultures. He also serves as senior faculty and mentor coach for three global coaching schools in the US and Singapore.


His passion is to create a Happier World and Workplace, One Leader at a Time.

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